Why Cyber Security Is Important for Mid-sized Businesses

Technology in the course of recent months has become an undeniably essential part of the remote working environment. From email and chat messages to virtual meetings and Zoom happy hours, organizations depend on technology to run consistently and safely. When these tools are threatened or even undermined, it can disastrously affect a business.

The painful truth is that mid-size organizations are consistent targets for cyber-criminals. Small businesses regularly do not have adequate information security plans to protect against today’s cyber-attacks, or they feel that they don’t need the protection given their size. Compared with large enterprises, small businesses’ security spending is considerably less while the threat is just as large. The ideology of it won’t happen to us, or it only happens to big organizations is not true.

Small and medium-sized organizations are especially vulnerable for various reasons:

  • They lack the security infrastructure of larger businesses
  • They may work with or be a link to a larger enterprise
  • Lack of established training programs for their teams
  • Little to no IT management or oversight

While bigger businesses regularly have more information to take, smaller companies have less secure networks, making it simpler to penetrate the organization. Lack of time, budget, and expertise for information security is a top explanation behind the high pace of SMB attacks.

How can your business try not to fall prey to a cyber attack?

Cyber Security Practices to Prepare for Avoiding Cyber Attacks

Leverage Technology

Create a Backup

Train and Educate Your Employees

Use Two-Factor Authentication

Have a Third-party Network Review Performed

Make an Organization-wide Strategy


Since you know why cybersecurity is significant for businesses of all sizes, it’s an ideal opportunity to take time to review weaknesses in your strategy and work to implement preventive efforts. Your clients and employees rely upon you to defend the sensitive data they put in your hands. By having the right partners and systems set up to prevent a cyberattack, you can sit back and relax, realizing you’re doing all that you can to secure your clients and your business.

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Published By John Jordan

Originally published at https://www.linkedin.com.